ASIC Mining Hosting & Mining Colocation

We offer you worry-free asic miner hosting in Europe and South America for starting miners owning a single miner, up to professional miners with 5000 miners and more.

We have access to a large scale of mining facilities all around the world. We only work with experienced datacenters and professional hosting providers. These providers have operations with many years of experience and deliver high reliability and competitive pricing and services.

From mid to large-scale customers, our technical staff will manage your miners and all direct relations with the crypto mining host on your behalf.

Full transparency on all steps along the way so you will be in control at all times. Due to confidentiality reasons we do not list all our mining hosting services.

Good locations

All cryptocurrency mining hosting is in countries that offer legal security, decent grid electricity and internet connections. We have miner hosting sites in Europe & South America

Competitive Pricing

Our partners offer ASIC all-in one hosting costs, with placement, electricity, insurance, general maintenance and helpdesk included in the price per kWh.

Full-service hosting

We have an active helpdesk that answers you within 24 hours and we are constantly looking out to offer you a better service for your asic miner hosting

Don’t miss out! Limited capacity available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all our partners have at least a VPN connection. Some offer even more services via an online dashboard with the possibility to organise a stop-start of your miner from your home.

Yes, we only select partners who have insured your material within their installations. Details on this matter need to be discussed with our partners themselves.

The minimum contract length is 12 months.

The site operator will perform diagnostic and repair engineering work if required.

This depends on the partner where your miners will be hosted. Some ask a prepayment and work with a counter / kWh consumed, others will send a bill before the new month starts, … Most of the time, energy is prepaid.

All our partners have at least a helpdesk which offers a non-automated answer within the first 24 hours. For problem tackling and downtime vs being live again and the clauses this brings, this will need to be checked per partner.

Unfortunately not. We only have partners who help you with asic miner hosting. The main reason being, that GPU cards placed in a mining rig, request a lot more maintenance than asic miners.

No. In the end it’s our partner’s decision whether they would like to make an exception, but the general rule is that a visit to the hosting locations will not be possible. This for security reasons. This rule protects your miners as well.